Gonna cosplay a simon, even though i think this wig may be too light? might dye it anyways

[Clinical Depression is] not really negativity or sadness anymore, it’s more just this detached, meaningless fog where you can’t feel anything about anything — even the things you love, even fun things — and you’re horribly bored and lonely, but since you’ve lost your ability to connect with any of the things that would normally make you feel less bored and lonely, you’re stuck in the boring, lonely, meaningless void without anything to distract you from how boring, lonely, and meaningless it is.

Hyperbole and a Half

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CAN WE TALK ABOUT http://www.welovefine.com/8166-vriska-secret-sleeve.html#.U5inH3biitN

Casually but excitedly notifies followers that this shirt is an actual thing you can buy


Isnt this one of those things that Hussie was not okay about?

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Album Art


Burn My Dread -Spring of Birth ver.- - Yumi Kawamura

Anime: Persona 3 The Movie: Spring of Birth

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TitleBurn My Dread -Spring of Birth Ver.-
AlbumMore Than One Heart


if ur looking for me i’ll be in the trash

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comic about how I’ve been feeling recently

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